The Architectural Interiors of BELLE VUE

Belle Vue: my friend house

This beautiful home is my friend’s house, I called it . is a French word that actively demonstrates a Beautiful life. When I go to her home, I feel like I am in paradise. The particular reason for this circumstance is a house with a lot of space is one of my dream homes. Let’s take a look at the interior spaces. I will begin by discussing the volume of the space which she has in the interior of her house, I will discuss the interior space at my house, Lastly, I will be comparing the differences and similarities between the two houses.

The interior space in her leaving room is very spacious. She purchased enormous furniture’s to fulfilled the space so she could obtain a sufficient appearance. As showing in the illustration above, the interior space in the leaving room is spacious enough which impact her environmental lifestyle. Although, the space and the comfort of the leaving room are important because that is where we spend our everyday life. If the space is narrow it becomes uncomfortable which makes us spent an adequate amount of time admiring the architecture.

The interior space of this house can be dysfunctional. Although the furniture, the artworks on the surface, and the height of the windows are shallow which makes it obvious to appreciate the comfort of the interior space. The dining room area appears to be divided within its location to provide the owner of the house space so they could have no distractions while eating dinner with their family. Furthermore, we will be discussing the spaces in the bedroom and bathroom

The house establishes the use of domestic spaces by its unique characteristics, the transitions, and the usage of the space in the bedroom and bathroom. The spaces are homey and welcoming because of the comfort of all component regarding the house. The rooms are brilliant and they provide an opening feeling. Although, the spaces in the house do not require to be updated because everything looks like it has been renovated which makes the house quite unique. Now, let’s discuss the spaces at my house and also compare the differences and similarities.

My house

I want to begin by talking about the interior spaces in my house. I feel like my house is cramped and uncomfortable. Everything is close to each other and I don’t have a lot of extra spaces to move due to the large furniture, the length of the architecture, and the volume of the rooms. Although, the interior space reminds me of the basics of life. Fundamentals and simplicity are at the core of every strong family unit. From my perspective, The Interior space of the architecture matters more than what is in the space; just that there is a space to enjoy.

The function of the interior space is important for the basic foundations of life here in the United States. Everyone needs to find time for one another and how to manage family time with no exceptions and this space exemplifies this importance. Although, the interior is a structure in the basic formation of a “typical” American household. My interior space is arranged in a way that soothes the needs of my environment. I am simple and minimalistic and find myself being relieved when gazing upon this formation.

The comparison of the two interior spaces are both places have a basic structure. The subject matter of both houses was revealed with the form of the interior spaces. In my opinion, I would say both houses served the purposes of keeping a family together. Each unit serves its purpose differently but I do enjoy both houses at a similar level because they are both unique. The difference between my house and my friend’s house is that my house has a dysfunctional structure due to my preferences of enjoying an extensive space. My friend’s house is more opened, spacious, comfortable, and it is not cramped. The form of both interior spaces does give you a welcoming feeling.

To sum up, all the information that I just shared with you, I describe the interior spaces of two different houses, and I also share with you the differences and similarities between the two homes.