Listening to music has always helped to soothe my overall health. Today, I decided to unify a playlist to share with you all. The theme of my playlist is Take me. I select take me because of all the circumstances I faced within my teenage years. I have encountered a lot of things physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this playlist, I will be sharing with you a brief description of each genre’s relevance. Following, I will discuss why I chose the particular genre to unify the theme of my playlist.

Take Me Away

Song by Ayron Jones(Rock)

The first genre I desire to share with you is rock. This piece is about the artist getting abandoned that provokes him to appear miserable and empty. The artist wanted to get taken away so the feeling of being isolated can vanish. The particular reason for this circumstance is isolation which can uniquely change someone’s wellbeing. The theme of the song forms a variation of emotions to inspire the listeners. I chose this song because of rejections from my friends, family, and significant others. Although, individuals frequently do not comprehend how their actions can psychologically damage others. Moreover, After listening to this song, I notice how this powerful man is proficient at escorting individuals through that phase of their lives.

Take Me Away

Song by Keyshia Cole( r&b soul)

The second genre I aspire to share with you is an R&B soul song. This tune is regarding an artist who is in love and eager to be taken away. Although, individuals that are in love manage to have intense emotions. Presenting strong sensations can cause you to do plenty of regretful things that often drained your senses. However, being in love with God can change your mindsets and boost your spirit and energies. The tempo of the song caught my attention because it is remarkably smooth. I chose this song because I am in a similar situation where I want to get taken away by someone I admire. I will elaborate more on who that someone is towards the end of the analysis of the playlist.

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Song by John Denver(country)

The third genre I wanted to share with you is country. I admire country music because it is very calming. The melodic line of this song is unique. This song is about the artist driving down the road wanting to go home. He felt like home was far away. The artist is anxious to go where he belongs. I connect to this tune because there are times in my life I am at a place I do not desire to be. For the past two years of my life, I have been trying to go home. Although, finding my way home was difficult. However, someone took my hands and was willing to take me home.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

was written in 1908 by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer( traditional)

The fourth genre I wanted to share is a traditional song. This song is popular because it is children’s rhythm music. My daughter admires the tone of this song. This song is about children’s wanting to go to a baseball game. Children are always seeking to obtain a way to leave the house. Shockingly to my surprise, the motive of the artist was to get kids to feel free. Children always feel like they are torture when their parents leave them in a house with someone else. The particular reason why I chose this traditional song is that the uniqueness it gives me flashbacks to my childhood. I feel like I always wanted to get taken away.

Take My Life

song by chris tomlin (gospel traditional)

The fifth genre I wanted to share with you is a Christian/Gospel song. I select this song because the theme is relevant to my playlist. This song is about the artist wanting God to take his life. Although, the artist demonstrates the need of wanting to be saved by God. Individuals often seek a savior from God because they are out there being slaves to the devil. I chose this song because I waited way too long to worship God for all my accomplishments. The notes enhanced the harmony of the theme of the song. This tune also connected the consonance to reveal the emotions.

Take Me to the King

Song by Tamela Mann(r &b soul)

The last genre I wanted to share with you is an R&B soul song. This song is about an artist that wanted someone to take her to the king. She demonstrated very strong consonance through her vocals. The structure of the harmony of the song inspires the listeners to want something similar. The artist is in search of a cathartic release. I connect to this song because I have been in so much pain from being away from this man. I chose this song because when I listen to it, the contrast made me shivers. It made me understand where I am and where I demand to be. I admire the rondo of the song makes the repetition very unique. Seldom, I tried to communicate with this man to see if he could escort me home.

To sum up, all the information, The artists are broken, depressed, and torn. These emotions are causing a lot of damage to their well-being. I selected these songs to create my theme because the emotions behind each piece are unique. Each genre evokes a similar sensation. Although, the relevance of each genre unified the importance of demanding the creator in our lives. From my perspective, each piece is a structure uniquely. Each melody is referring to needing the guidance of the lord. These songs are ties to my theme because they all are searching for the same relief from someone and that someone to me is God.