Moonlight film is divide into three different parts. The first part is when the main character was a youth. The second part is when Chiron was a teenager. In the third part, Chiron became an adult.

The first part of moonlight-Chiron as a youth

Chiron is a middle school student who lives with his mother. Chiron mother is a drugged addict. Chiron was getting bullied, and Juan detected him hiding in a room. He volunteers to purchase Chiron food and take him home, but Chiron was so shy. Chiron did not want people to know where he resides. Chiron did not want to speak to Juan or Juan’s girlfriend.

Juan attempted to support Chiron. Although, Chiron’s mother did not want Juan to be part of his life. In the film, They did not specify if Juan was Chiron’s father. From my perspective, I believe he was because the mother and Juan had a confrontation. She was talking to Juan like they had chemistry. Suddenly, Juan began to build a fatherhood connection with Chiron. He teaches Chiron how to swim. Later, Juan’s girlfriend Teressa welcomes Chiron to stay at their house for as long as Chiron needs. Teressa also teaches Chiron how to make a bed. Later, Juan took Chiron home plus he gives Chiron money.

The next day, Chiron took the opportunity to randomly ask Juan and his wife questions about sexuality and drugs. Juan demonstrated it well to Chiron so he could understand. Chiron asked the questions because he was getting called names by his mother and getting bullied at school. Chiron asked questions about drugs and sexuality because he realized that his mother was not herself. This part was very emotional for Juan because he did not expect Chiron to be worrying about that stuff at such a young age. Chiron was not pleased with knowing that Juan is a drug dealer.

The second part of moonlight- Chiron as a teenager

Kevin begins by talking to Chiron about how he had intimacy with a girl at school. Kevin told Chiron and hopes that Chiron keeps it a secret. Chiron went home after school. When he arrived home, his mother forcefully took all the money that Juan and Terresa gave him. She wanted the money to go purchased more drugs.

Following, Chiron and Kevin went by the beach to smoke and talk to clear their minds. They ended up sharing a kiss. Kevin Gave Chiron a blowjob. Chiron has never been that close with anyone. The audience can see him expressing it through the sands with his hands. From that moment on, Chiron knows what he was feeling was genuine. Afterward, Kevin gave Chiron a ride to go back home.

The next day, One of the main boys at school that usually bullied Chiron made a bet with Kevin to fight Chiron. Kevin punches Chiron several times after the bully crew jump Chiron. They took Chiron to the principal office. It appears like all Chiron was thinking of was a way to get his revenge. The next day Chiron then went to the school. He grabbed a chair from the classroom he slammed it on the bully’s head. The police came and took Chiron to jail. From then, Chiron got taken away from his hometown until he became an adult.

The third part of moonlight- Chiron as an adult

Chiron is now residing in Atlanta as a drug dealer. Chiron has one of his boys working for him. He has jokingly accused the boy of stealing his money. Later on, Chiron received an unexpected phone call from Kevin. Kevin called to check up on Chiron because he has not heard from him since he went to jail. Kevin talk for a little about how life is going for him. Kevin stated that he works as a cook in a restaurant in Miami. Kevin told Chiron to visit Miami. Kevin told Chiron he would play their favorite songs and cook him a special meal. Chiron was so shocked. Chiron was silent as usual. The same night, Chiron went to sleep and thinking about Kevin. Chiron ended up wetting his pants in his dreams.

The next day, Chiron decided to drive down from Atlanta to Miami. On his way down to see Kevin, he stopped by to see his mother. The mother was feeling regretful. She told Chiron she loves him several times. She also was feeling sorry because she failed him. Chiron cried and excused her.

When Chiron arrived in Miami. Chiron went to the restaurant which Kevin works so he could see Kevin. Kevin did not even notice him until way later. They hugged and talked for a little. Then Kevin offer to make him a chef special. While Chiron is sitting at the table, Kevin offers him wine. Chiron stated that he does not drink. Kevin pour him a glass either way.

Furthermore, Kevin start talks about how life has been for him. Kevin stated he has a son and that he does not get along with the mother that well. Chiron was so shocked because he was not expecting to hear that. After, Chiron told Kevin that he just been selling drugs. After they close the restaurant, Chiron gave Kevin a ride home. They went inside Kevin’s apartment. Kevin was talking about if Chiron been with anyone or remember the night they had together. Chiron told Kevin that he has not been with anyone since the last intimacy they had. He also stated that he tried not to think about it as often.

The film ends with Chiron lied down on Kevin’s shoulder. The producers play a last scene of Chiron as a little boy by the ocean.

I enjoy watching and writing this synopsis of moonlight because the information is beneficial for young children. The majority of things that have happened to children at a young age affect them when they get older. This film was not overly dramatic. The producers did well with keeping a smooth pace. The lights were doomed so perfectly for each scene.


This film begins with Bob Harris being the famous commercial film taker. Bob travels to Tokyo because he got offered two billion dollars to be in a commercial. When he arrived in Tokyo, everyone pleasantly greets him. Bob does not speak Japanese. Therefore, he had someone that was translating for him.

Later, Bob received a letter from his wife Lydia saying that bob missed one of his children’s birthdays. Bob called Lydia to talk to the children. Lydia makes it seems like the kids are better off without him.

The next day, Bob went to do a whiskey shoot. The photographer was making him imitate a few famous actors. This part of the film was very comedic. After a commercial shoot, Bob was in his room watching television. A woman came into the room and tried to hook up with him. He could not understand the woman. Bob refuses to do what she says.

Now let’s talk about Charlotte. Charlotte is a free spirit woman who traveled to Tokyo with her husband. Her husband found a photographer job in Tokyo. She did not have anything going on with her personal life. She decided to come along to support him. Charlotte’s husband is always busy. He does not have time for Charlotte. Charlotte always stayed in the room and be bored out of her mind. She could not sleep at night. Charlotte usually goes to the bar to smoke and drink. The bar is where she met with Bob.

Bob and Charlotte become friends at the bar. Both were talking about their lifestyles. Bob told Charlotte that he accepted that billion-dollar commercial offer because he needed to get a break from his wife. They have been married for over twenty-five years. The wife stopped focusing on him. Bob said she was only focusing on the children.

Charlotte lost a little interest in her husband and focused on getting to know bob because her husband was always working. Charlotte and her husband decided to spend time together. The quality time got taken away from people wanting to talk about photography. That forced Charlotte to make a deeper relationship with bob because bob had time for her.

Later, Bob and charlotte went somewhere they were trying to shoot at them. They ended up somewhere where they were doing karaoke. Bob and Charlotte had a blast. After, they went to the hotel room to shower and lay down to talk. Charlotte asked Bob about his married life. Bob explained it to her like it gets difficult along the way. Bob told Charlotte marriage can be manageable.

When Charlotte realizes that bob is leaving Tokyo. Charlotte was a little emotional. The same night, Charlotte knocks on his door so to see if he wanted to go out. When Charlotte arrived, a woman was singing in Bob’s room. Charlotte and bob meet up and chat. Charlotte stated that she is going to miss Bob.

To come to an end, Bob said goodbye to Charlotte before he got in a taxi. He felt like she was depressed. Bob wanted to say goodbye happily. Therefore, Bob got out of the Taxi and went to hug and kiss Charlotte Goodbye.

This film has many comedic scenes. I enjoy watching it because bob was a great actor. He did excellent in all the scenes. The transition of the separation of each scene was at a smooth pace. Some parts seem dramatic but it was mostly comedic.


“Does it get easier?”, do you think it gets easier? Today, I want to analyze this scene because it is significant. I selected this scene because this is the same question I have been asking my parents, my friends, and other people. I ask because they seem to have the answer. I will discuss why I chose the particular scene, how I connect to it, and how they structured the scene to make it unique.


The particular reason why I select this scene is that I think it’s unique. In the opening of this scene of “Lost in translation” Charlotte questioned Bob if life gets easier once people get older. His response was remarkable. It was visual for the audience to see the light in the room is not as bright. The room was calmed and quiet in the room. The lights are doomed so perfectly. I believe when lights are soft, it helps stimulate our thoughts. It makes you dive deeper into your thoughts. Moreover, the opening of the scene highlights the importance of communication between the characters.


The characters’ expressions arrange perfectly. Their appearance communicates to the audience to inform them that they are thinking deep. There are barely any movements going on in the scene. I connect to this scene because I can see why Charlotte is confused and wondering what life is when you have to involve someone else in your life. The soft and shadowing lights are my favorite because this is how I connect to the film the most.


I admire the way they structured this clip in the film. The way they shot the scene captures the scene at a great angle. The Composition of the scene is very organized. In that scene, the cameras were focusing on their faces and their body on the bed.

To sum up, Both films are very different. The sequences are edit thoroughly. “Moonlight” was more dramatic. “Lost in translation” was more comedic. Both films shared a little bit of both comedic and dramatic. The ambiance of both films does contribute to the overall effect. The scenes were structure perfect for the audience. The lighting and shots contributed soft when it necessary.