Purpose: To be creative and stylish. Also, to appreciate and manifest more arts.

Recreation manifesto is aiming to unified the origins of artworks regarding my accomplishments throughout this course. The manifesto specifically will focus on three central objectives. In the first objective, we will be discussing manifesto styles of repeating obscures. The second objective will focus on breakfast with Kini. Finally, we will discuss Act I scene V from Hamlet’s. All three topics are a manifesto of my previous works.

In the repeating obscures painting, Nasrollah Afjei unified the recreations of an abstract image. I selected this painting because it is full of distinctive artistic styles. The abstract painting has many repeatable patterns. The artist focused on transforming the darker brown colors into a wave of marble with lights. Although, abstract painting plays a big part in society. This generation manages to focus a lot more on the artistic piece of an abstract image. Individuals are becoming more aware of the importance of art. Individuals also are attempting to repeat the styles of past creations of art. The artist focuses on watercolor and smoothing out the tone of the painting. The artist performs that work by inducing it with a low and high volume of waves. The line textures balance and represent the uniqueness of the artwork. The painting reveals unity, consistency within the fine lines, and different color of patterns. Overall, the curvature of the abstract artwork draws my consciousness, which is the purpose that determines me to share this incredible painting. The next topic that will be discussing is my recreation manifesto with my daughter Kini.

Children added various values to the world and their families. Children are the most remarkable living being on earth. They are always willing to learn and create new ideas. Children are artistic and fashionable. In my recreation manifesto, I selected to add Breakfast with my toddler Kini because Kini is a work of art. She is always willing to do art and crafts. She is always trying to dress up like me, like a princess, or like her friends. Children can sometimes miss the concept of embracing the recreation of life. Although, most parents do not appreciate the manifesto styles of God’s creation. I do believe that children are a recreation manifesto of God’s creation. Following, A day at the community playground with Kini is always speechless. She loves to embrace the warmth of nature and the advantage of the recreation around the community. The creations produce distinctive types of emotions among Kini. Following, the next topic will be my recreation manifesto of Hamlet Act I scene V.

In this scene, Hamlet is interacting with a ghost. Hamlet is comfortable communicating with etheric beings. Hamlet’s conscience slightly leaned towards controlling his dilemmas with force and brevity. Hamlet’s self-consciousness conceived him to believe there was a holy spirit leading him. Following, Hamlet wanted to seek revenge for his father’s death. I selected to add this scene to my recreation manifesto because hamlet was interacting with the holy ghost. I do believe this scene was a recreation manifesto of god. I strongly believe in that because of the way they have shown the holly ghost in the video clip. The video clip of the scene appears to be realistic and is full of artistic performances. The actors illustrate the king’s death as it was an allusion in the play. The characters are also being brought to life because the actors made every concept and action related to human beings. This recreation manifesto will influence me to focus more on video scene arts that appear on television.

To conclude, the Recreation manifesto was my core value to be stylish and appreciative of various types of arts such as drawing, painting, and sculptures. Throughout this course, I learned to manifest in many different artworks and better understand their theories. I used to neglect creative arts from many artists because it was harder to comprehend. All my obligations for this course has a reflection of my recreation manifesto. All the elements that I have acquired will support me grow and convert me into a better person or artist. I chose to say artist because I can recreate a story and later tell my own story. I valued all the efforts the artist put into creating phenomenal artworks. From my perspective, if we all have a positive mindset. Our values and goals will change and mature over time.