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Public Breastfeeding Stations

Bringing awareness to the importance of breastfeeding stations in the United States.

Have you ever considered how breastfeeding mothers feel about taking out their breasts in public while everyone is watching such a private part of their body? or how it makes other people think or feel? If so, you might have to start thinking about how breastfeeding mothers can get a more specified breastfeeding station in the United States that offers privacy, prevents discomfort and judgment, and encourages mothers to breastfeed instead of bottle-feeding.

The studies refer to the last decade from the British Journal of Midwifery, according to Marsden et al., they are helping to bring awareness to the federal laws that new mothers from other countries are more likely to get provided with a private breastfeeding station in public places. Their attention is also to inform you that this issue is causing many problems which cause you as a new mother to experience difficulties such as fulfill your duties to provide for your children.

The purpose of the image on the left is mainly for your viewing pleasure but by clicking on the link below the image it will elaborate more on Mamava Lactation Pods. The term, Mamava, is a Portuguese term that means mother on the go.

In the article from the British Journal of Midwifery, Marsden et al. elaborate on the positive and negative aspects of public breastfeeding opinions. Mardens et al. explain, “Mothers in this study recognized that others had negative reactions to them breastfeeding in public, reflecting the findings of Brown et al (2009) but they did not allow this to dissuade them”. All mothers would admire having a clean and sanitary area to breastfeed, rather than worrying about public opinion and unsanitary options. By implementing more portable lactation pods throughout the country it could reduce the percentage of breastfeeding mothers that do not have a private location to breastfeed in public.

According to many studies, the top three main concerns a breastfeeding mother faces are Privacy, Discomfort, and Judgment. As shown in the short clip below, You can purchase a portable cover for the sake of your private comfort if there is not a lactation room or lactation pod available. Click on the video NOW to see more!

he first obstacle is Privacy. why do you think privacy is one of the common concerns for breastfeeding mothers? Privacy is important because breastfeeding creates a special bond between you and your infant. Moreover, not everyone admires the concept of exposing their bodies in public places. In this step, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services stated,

Women often face inflexibility in their work hours and locations and a lack of privacy for breastfeeding or expressing milk, have no place to store expressed breast milk, are unable to find child care facilities at or near the workplace

Subsequent these remarks accumulate enough to dissuade you from the conception of breastfeeding your infant in public places. Although, many mothers are unaware of the importance of a lactation station in public. The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding wants to advise you of how breastfeeding is the greatest natural source of nutrition for your infant.

he second obstacle is Discomfort. Do you think all mothers are comfortable while breastfeeding in public? or Do you think people are comfortable observing mothers breastfeeding in public? If you think yes and no for either one these questions then you are right. Researchers from the International Breastfeeding Journal stated a public viewpoint that said as follows, “I don’t think I’ll be too concerned about other people, I’m not prudishly worried and if they’re going to be here that’s tough titties (laughing)”. Although according to studies, many mothers are not concerned about how awkward their breasts make people in public feel. Ultimately, you need to consider respecting the viewpoint of others. Not all mothers are comfortable breastfeeding in public which is one of the main reasons the duration of breastfeeding for new mothers does not last. Many people in public are uncomfortable seeing a woman taking out their breast in front of everyone without any coverage. With an admiration of other people’s comfort and viewpoints, mothers will continue to increase the percentage of women who choose to breastfeed for a more extended time through meaningful dialogue and probing of legislative solutions.

The purpose of the above image is to give you a viewpoint on how a breastfeeding mother is out in the sun, largely exposed rather than uncomfortable trying to feed her infant.

Moreover, as a mother, you have a large variety of ambitions that constitute becoming a parent. The premise and end desired goal of a breastfeeding mother would be to show attentiveness, display compassion, have patience, and always expand their awareness. The reachers from the International Breastfeeding Journal indicated, “Participants in the groups generally believed that if a woman breastfed in public, she must feel comfortable about it or indifferent about how other people in the public might feel”. The comfort of others is just as important as your self-comfort. Incoming legislation regarding breastfeeding women needs to encourage you to be judicious of the comfort of others by covering yourselves while breastfeeding in public places.

he third obstacle is Judgment. Breastfeeding mothers get judged or look at funny most times. This is the main reason why the majority of mothers who chose to breastfeed and also supplementing formula when they are away from the infant. You are probably thinking what is a “Supplementing formula”? it means mothers who chose to breastfeed and also giving their infant formula instead of “exclusively breastfeeding” which means a mother who only breastfeeds without supplementing formula. This issue mostly occurs for mothers who are working full time, mothers who are afraid of getting judged, and mothers who feel uncomfortable because they are afraid they will not have privacy when outside of the home. According to the article from the British Journal of Midwifery,

A lot of people don’t seem to mind, but then there does seem to be people who find it offensive, although I’m not sure why. It seems to me really weird … You have a couple of people looking at you a bit funny but it’s not really that bad you know

As a mother breastfeeding, Privacy, Discomfort, and Judgment create such a negative barrier in your mind. All of these above discourage many women to not breastfeed. Furthermore, The link below will elaborate on the three issues that breastfeeding mothers face. The link to the video is only two minutes long. Click on the link NOW!

ublic legislation regarding women’s public access for breastfeeding should, without question, speak about the importance of natural care for infants as a significant option for mothers that can breastfeed. The debate needs to highlight the importance of breast milk that has been discovered multiple times over to be crucial in the brain, body, and emotional health of the children. Did you know? Worldwide, the number one healthiest source of food for an infant is undoubtedly the milk of a healthy mother. A few key studies from the British Journal of Midwifery stated, “However, it is not surprising that breastfeeding is viewed as ‘good’ and ‘natural’, as most people know that breastfeeding is better than bottle-feeding”. Formula companies should find it difficult to market around a common consensus regarding the true nature of the health of their products versus the natural option of breast milk. Breastfeeding your infant has so many benefits as shown in the image below.

How can you encourage new mothers to breastfeed freely?

here are several different ways you can be encouraged to breastfeed your infants. For example, as a new mother, you can become encouraged by other influential breastfeeding mothers who covet a healthier option for their infants. According to McKenzie et al. from the Journal of Human Lactation indicated that “Babies are healthier, which means fewer medical interventions paid for by families and fewer monetary subsidies by the government”. The choice that you make for your infants does matter. At some point, children need to feel like they did not just waste their whole life eating unhealthy food options. As citizens and partners in a country that you want to see succeed, you must become more involved with the federal and local governments to motivate these issues becoming resolved.

The image on the left is for your viewing pleasure on the idea of how comfortable more public breastfeeding stations in the US will make mothers feel.

Moreover, to clarify by Goldbas from the International Journal of Childbirth Education stated, “Public awareness campaigns are present or encouraged in 5 states and Puerto Rico”. Providing more campaigns and prenatal classes in all 50 states in the United States will help to bring groups and organizations together to support breastfeeding women. Additionally, as a parent, you should consider getting involved more in these events which helps to encourage you as a new mother to be consistent with the duration of breastfeeding.

What can you do to assure that new mothers are choosing to breastfeed over bottle feeding?

ccording to the study from The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding indicated that “One national study on feeding practices found that about 50 percent of mothers cited insufficient milk supply as their reason for stopping breastfeeding”. Through experience, many mothers have come across many other women throughout their journey as a mother, who cite insufficient supply, but also a staggering number cite that they do not have the time. As a mother you are capable of breastfeeding, but if you fail to put in enough effort or provide your body time to produce supplementary milk you will not succeed. You are more likely to make poor choices for your children’s health. According to studies, scientifically there are not many valid reasons for the issue of you as a mother to do not breastfeed your infant. Moreover, by any circumstance you are diagnosed with some health issues, it is acceptable to go with the idea of bottle feeding because it will be the best option for your infant even though its nothing compared to the natural breast milk that your infant gets from you.

dditionally, the idea of bottle feeding should be for women that have or find themselves in a serious condition. Americans tend to take advantage of bottle feeding when it is not a necessity to do so. In other countries, such as the Caribbean, each woman is well aware of how breastfeeding is the natural order of the mother, as well as a moral obligation to their child to attempt it. According to researchers from The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding stated, “compared with mothers who breastfeed, those who do not breastfeed also experience increased risks for certain poor health outcomes”. Statistically many mothers who do not breastfeed face a crisis such as breast cancer in the future. The concept of breastfeeding helps raise the percentage of breastfeeding mothers instead of being diagnosed with breast cancer. With these risks in mind, it is important to encourage mothers to breastfeed whenever possible. As shown in the illustration above, A breastfeeding station in public places has many benefits.

Image source: FSW library database “Attitudes of Employees Working in Public Places toward Breastfeeding.”

The purpose of the table chart above is showing you a few people that were participated in a survey from the British Journal of Midwifery. According to the British Journal of Midwifery, many breastfeeding mothers do not have a breastfeeding station at their employer. The Majority of mothers until this day are using dirty public restrooms to breastfeed their infant or pump for their children. Now that you are aware of the US not having enough private breastfeeding stations.

What can you do to help support breastfeeding mothers on the idea of getting more readily available lactation stations in the United States?

verall, breastfeeding should be valuable to you as a mother, to your infant, and society. Although the lactation pods are mostly available at airports in the U.S. The purpose of this research multimodal is to bring awareness to you as a mother leaving in the twenty-first century to help supporting breastfeeding mothers getting a more private station to relax and feed your infant. The premise of this argument regards federal law, and how it could adjust its position and assist with new and tailored infrastructure, increase and broaden awareness, and help to provide designated breastfeeding stations for you. It will give you more privacy, it will reduce the abundance of difficulties you may face daily to access your child properly and safely, and lastly, encourage you to breastfeed your infant instead of bottle feeding. The reason for this requirement is that it will significantly improve a women’s experience with breastfeeding and will motivate the next generation of mothers to remain aware, hold the truth firmly, and move forward in their lives with the confidence that they are well represented as mothers.

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