Have you experienced a toddler being so adventurous? Many people do not have children or be around children. Therefore, they do not fully understand the concept of how children are so adventurous. Today, I aspire to share with you five different adventurous photographs that I captured of my daughter. In this unified collection, I will be discussing Kini’s day at the playground, gymnastics, beach, makeup, and church. To take you on this adventure, I will begin with Kini’s photograph at the community playground.

A day at the park

Park day with Kini

A day at the community playground to embrace the warmth of nature is very important to us. My daughter Kini admires the advantage of the creation. The creation produces distinctive types of emotions among Kini. Kini would be pleased to go to the park but very unhappy to leave the playground. Although, Kini would remain at the park if that is an option for her. Kini always aspires to embrace everything before it is time to go home. She wants me to operate with each sculpture or any other art she observes at the playground. Although, Kini has a friendly personality. Kini walks throughout the entire park and greets everyone as she proceeds. Kini’s favorite thing to do at the park is throwing rocks in the lakes, go on the swings, and go down the slides. The reason I chose this photograph is that Kini finds it unique. The sculpture has a hanging coconut which she imagines the coconut is smiling with her. To continue, I will be discussing her day at gymnastics.

A day at gymnastics

Gymnastics day with Kini

This photograph resemble an abstract image because of the consistency of the many different colors of the pattern. Every Tuesday, Kini and I go to gymnastics to develop her flexibility skills. Kini admires gymnastics more than any other activity. She is always looking forward to going back the moment we leave the gym. This photograph appears to have many positive emotions. Kini hangs on tightly to the poles because she has strong muscles. She is always stretching and doing backflips. I admire the photograph because I love the art, techniques, and skill sets the children learn at a very young age. Although, the times we spend at gymnastics are very memorable because I love enjoying the moments. To continue, I will be discussing Kini’s day at the beach.

A day at the beach

Beach day with Kini

As Kini’s photographer, she regularly asked me to capture all the moments when she is productive. My focus is always to have Kini express her emotions. When Kini shows her feeling the digital photography becomes unique. Frequently, I also capture moments when she feels anxious or lonesome. I paid close attention to the background details, and I always make sure I capture all the right angles. In the particular photograph, my focus was on the sunset. I admired going to the beach at nightfall to capture the view. Although, Kini cherishes running throughout the beach and go into the ocean. I chose this photograph because a day at the beach is always very calm and soothing for us. To continue, I will be discussing Kini’s day doing her makeup.

Makeup day

makeup with Kini

This photograph is my favorite because of the enjoyment of doing makeup with Kini. The photograph is remarkable because Kini loves to do her makeup. Kini always requires me to capture the moments of her doing her makeup along with doing my makeup for me. The picture is expressing positive emotions. Kini will remain at her vanity set for a long time to do her makeup. Makeup day is unique for us because she gets to express her genuine emotions. I love seeing her being herself. I often capture a photograph of her being happy more than her being anxious or unsettled. The particular reason for this circumstance is because children tend to have mixed emotions if things do not go their way. To continue, the last discussion will be about Kini’s day at church.

A day at church

Church with Kini

In this photograph, the structure of the natural light from the sun has a very soft focus. The natural lights balance everything in the photo. Kini enjoys going to church. She always desires to style her like a Fashionista so she could have a resemblance to me. Kini is very stylish because she picks her outfit for church so she could resemble and appear elegant. All the photographs I take of Kini are always digital photography due to the world constantly changing. The majority of people no longer focus on capturing the subject matter.

To sum up, this collection is unique to my theme because each photograph plays a specific role in my daughter’s life. I chose to Unified this collection because not everyone cherished the moments they spend with the children. Children are the most important in the world. I often feel like they do not get recognized. I chose to make the theme about my daughter because everything she does is like art and very adventurous.