HAMLET by William Shakespeare-Act I scene V


In this scene, I will be discussing how Hamlet is interacting with a ghost. Following, Hamlet wanted to seek revenge for his father’s death. Lastly, I will discuss how Hamlet’s madness begins.

As Hamlet interacts with the ghost, you become aware of a handful of pieces. The first piece is that Hamlet is comfortable communicating with etheric beings. Hamlet’s conscience is slightly leaned towards controlling his dilemmas with force and brevity. Hamlet’s self-consciousness conceived him to believe there was a holy spirit leading him.

Hamlet’s religion interferes with the constructed paradigm of norms primarily because it signifies that his contact and communication is with a ghost. The contact connection with the spirit becomes Controversial and problematic for him in many ways.

According to the scene from the book, death does not appear as realistic. The video revealed logic and drama. The actors illustrate the king’s death as it was an allusion in the play. The father’s death was caused by Claudius poising the king as he was resting. Moreover, Hamlet speaking directly to the ghost does appear to be practical. The characters are being brought to life because the actors made every concept and action related to human beings. The actors on the stage form variation of emotions to inspire the audience to believe their story.

The interpretations of the characters of Hamlet seem indecisive because they could not make decisions on their own. Hamlet let the ghost made him promised so he did not go seek revenge. Hamlet also seems insanely clever because his mind was grasping so many different ways to resolve everything.

The reason why I selected this scene is that I find it remarkable. This scene is important because it is the last scene. It went deep into what is going on and what is about to happen throughout the story. This scene leaves everyone guessing about what is happening. Although, this scene has the audience wondering because of how fast the plot started to twist.