Have you ever had breakfast with a toddler? If you have not, then you’re missing out on all the fun. Today, I will share with you this lovely experience I had with my daughter. I will be discussing my first situation of making breakfast with her. Then, I will discuss a change after preparing the breakfast. Lastly, I will discuss the last situation we had together.

Early morning on January 21st, I was watching television with my daughter Kini. Kini informed me she was hungry. My daughter has a straightforward personality. Although, she normally describes specifically what she desires to eat for breakfast. That morning, I had to ask her if she craved to eat her typical cereal or pancakes. She eagerly suggested pancakes.

Kini enjoys helping with cooking. I usually do not have to ask her to assist me. Although she was so excited, she suddenly went to get the ingredients to make the pancakes. During the process of making the pancakes, we were taking small bites of the one that we previously made. Later, she requested more maple syrup so she could play with it. I added the extra syrup in a bowl so she could dip her pancakes in it. After all the pancakes were done, we assemble at the table to devour the rest of the pancakes. Although, I had left some of the batters in the kitchen for my sister so when she wakes up she could just prepare it herself.

Moreover, Kini and I concluded our breakfast and we were satisfied. We went back to lay down so we could watch television. Thirty minutes after, my sister ended up waking up. Therefore, Kini went over to the kitchen and make pancakes with my sister. Shockingly to my surprise, After they finished, my sister left Kini in the dining room and went to lay down. Kini lingered in the dining room to play with the maple syrup. Kini spilled the maple syrup all over the floor. The table cloth was soaked, the chairs were sticky, and of course, the syrup was all over Kini. After she emptied the entire gallon of maple syrup she came into my room feeling regretful. She stated, “Mommy my pants are dirty” I questioned her. She then stated, “ oh no! mommy I made a boo-boo, come let me show you”.

Furthermore, Kini brought me to the leaving room and there was syrup everywhere. I was very upset because I thought she was with my sister but I could not be upset because it is my fault she was left unsupervised. I put her in time out and I tried my best to clean up the syrup but the syrup is very hard to clean up. I cleaned it up and mopped it, the floor was still sticky for a very long time.

Lastly, After the cleaned up and her punishment. I took her a bath to wash her up. Kini apologized again and she went back to lay down with me all nice and fresh up with new clothes.

To sum up, all the information that I shared with you, Never leaves a toddler by themselves unsupervised. It can be dangerous and Toddlers do not know what is wrong or right. They love to play and they will turn anything into some sort of toy or game for their enjoyment.