Bill Viola, Ascension (2000)

In the video art above, I will be discussing how it is full of different types of art such as poetry, painting, and sculpture. The imagery which might appear the most to people in this video is the imagery of painting art. This video art is calmed and soothing. I will be discussing more details that are secluded within the video.

This video art brings out the spiritual mindset by listening to the soft sounds. The artist creates this art to signify numerous different art styles. Following, I will be discussing why I chose this particular art video.

I selected this video because I admire the artist who germinated a character and descends him beneath the water. The artist uses blue lights to reflect the body drowning. Moreover, the lights help to reflect the body rising above the water. The artist also uses moderate movements and played melodious sounds.

The detail that appears to my senses is how the man in the water has a reflection of Jesus. It does not matter what obstacles people go through in life. Individuals can still manage to get back to the light. The video seems to express issues of people who have failed in many different dark holes in their life. Although, the key is always to find the light and rise.

The possibilities of moving images liberated from telling a story can communicate to us in many distinctive styles. The particular purpose for this circumstance is that the image speaks to me spiritually. It also helps me use my imagination of how the artist forms the duration of the video. The light he uses to focus the camera on the body beneath the water has an extraordinary focus. The point I feel like the artist is trying to make is presenting to humankind self-awareness. Additionally, To be aware of what life is and to embrace the beautiful creations within it.

The artist liberates a man to take a critical stance on human beings as a form of art. This video art is urging me to see our cultural values of life. It also prompted me to embrace the beauty of nature and all the artworks within it. Although, nature itself is an art. It is full of different types of art which are unknown. The artist did phenomenal with capturing this video form of art.

The imagery of the video focuses on the artwork that appears in videos on television. There are many unknown arts within videos. The imagery this video brings out is painting, sculpture, and poetry form of art. This video appealed to my senses by capturing my attention spiritually. This art does challenge other videos on television to focus more on the art forms within the videos. Although there are too many misconceptions, Individuals seem to bypass unique art.

To sum up, Individuals can find different art types within videos, movies, and other clips. I never take the time to admire the effort an artist put in to show us different types of art. Today, I learned that videos are full of sculptures, paintings, and poetry arts. There are all unique in their ways.