Auguste Rodin, Danaïde. 1885.



I don't know what you need to hear,

when I speak there is no fear.

you probably thinking of a way to tear

but tears only bring distress.

when I look at you,

I see something divine and brave.

Have you ever ask yourself what bring you happiness,

or are you clueless?

would you consider it as a prison

or you do not have a reason.

what if I tell you it is a prison

would you try to escape.

where would you go?



well don’t. “soul”


Have you ever wonder what someone thinks about daily? People can be thinking of something completely different from what you may think. Today, I want to share how this sculpture caught my attention and caused me to dig deep into my genuine self.

I selected this sculpture because I admire the way the artist captured the emotions. The person in this visual image is bending down because she was overwhelmed. She was mentally exhausted due to getting assigned overloaded work. The details from this visual piece of art are clear and remarkable. The artist concentrated the lights on the top of the body and deemed the lights in the bottom.

My translation of this piece of art is similar to the actual meaning of this artwork. Although, there is no such thing as right or wrong. I translate this sculpture base on how I see the world. It is base on our society. My translation of art is how I have experienced our soul and body can be so exhausted. Although, an individual would have no idea what we are going through in the inside. An individual will see you standing strong. They will think you can do anything.

Furthermore, I translate this art as if our soul is locked up in a prison cell. People do not have control over their souls. Sometimes, we do not have much control over our bodies either. My poem tends to capture the mood and feeling of this image by bringing it to reality. I replicate the original visual details in my own words and styles. I wanted my interpretation to bring out a unique understanding of the original piece.

To sum up, This sculpture is very remarkable and unique. I am glad I was able to select this piece to write my poem. I was reading throughout our textbook for an image that is interesting and is meaningful to me. This piece of art was the one that stood out the most.

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