Purpose: To be creative and stylish. Also, to appreciate and manifest more arts.

Recreation manifesto is aiming to unified the origins of artworks regarding my accomplishments throughout this course. The manifesto specifically will focus on three central objectives. In the first objective, we will be discussing manifesto styles of repeating obscures. The second objective will focus on breakfast with Kini. Finally, we will discuss Act I scene V from Hamlet’s. All three topics are a manifesto of my previous works.

In the repeating obscures painting, Nasrollah Afjei unified the recreations of an abstract image. I selected this painting because it…



I don't know what you need to hear,

when I speak there is no fear.

you probably thinking of a way to tear

but tears only bring distress.

when I look at you,

I see something divine and brave.

Have you ever ask yourself what bring you happiness,

or are you clueless?

would you consider it as a prison

or you do not have a reason.

what if I tell you it is a prison

would you try to escape.

where would you go?



well don’t. “soul”


Have you ever wonder what someone thinks about daily? People can…

In the video art above, I will be discussing how it is full of different types of art such as poetry, painting, and sculpture. The imagery which might appear the most to people in this video is the imagery of painting art. This video art is calmed and soothing. I will be discussing more details that are secluded within the video.

This video art brings out the spiritual mindset by listening to the soft sounds. The artist creates this art to signify numerous different art styles. Following, I will be discussing why I chose this particular art video.


HAMLET by William Shakespeare-Act I scene V

In this scene, I will be discussing how Hamlet is interacting with a ghost. Following, Hamlet wanted to seek revenge for his father’s death. Lastly, I will discuss how Hamlet’s madness begins.

As Hamlet interacts with the ghost, you become aware of a handful of pieces. The first piece is that Hamlet is comfortable communicating with etheric beings. Hamlet’s conscience is slightly leaned towards controlling his dilemmas with force and brevity. Hamlet’s self-consciousness conceived him to believe there was a holy spirit leading him.

Hamlet’s religion interferes with the constructed paradigm of…

Moonlight film is divide into three different parts. The first part is when the main character was a youth. The second part is when Chiron was a teenager. In the third part, Chiron became an adult.

The first part of moonlight-Chiron as a youth

Chiron is a middle school student who lives with his mother. Chiron mother is a drugged addict. Chiron was getting bullied, and Juan detected him hiding in a room. He volunteers to purchase Chiron food and take him home, but Chiron was so shy. Chiron did not want people to know where he resides. …

Have you experienced a toddler being so adventurous? Many people do not have children or be around children. Therefore, they do not fully understand the concept of how children are so adventurous. Today, I aspire to share with you five different adventurous photographs that I captured of my daughter. In this unified collection, I will be discussing Kini’s day at the playground, gymnastics, beach, makeup, and church. To take you on this adventure, I will begin with Kini’s photograph at the community playground.

A day at the park

Park day with Kini

A day at the community playground to embrace the warmth of nature…

Listening to music has always helped to soothe my overall health. Today, I decided to unify a playlist to share with you all. The theme of my playlist is Take me. I select take me because of all the circumstances I faced within my teenage years. I have encountered a lot of things physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this playlist, I will be sharing with you a brief description of each genre’s relevance. Following, I will discuss why I chose the particular genre to unify the theme of my playlist.

Take Me Away

Song by Ayron Jones(Rock)

The first genre I desire…

Have you ever had breakfast with a toddler? If you have not, then you’re missing out on all the fun. Today, I will share with you this lovely experience I had with my daughter. I will be discussing my first situation of making breakfast with her. Then, I will discuss a change after preparing the breakfast. Lastly, I will discuss the last situation we had together.

Early morning on January 21st, I was watching television with my daughter Kini. Kini informed me she was hungry. My daughter has a straightforward personality. Although, she normally describes specifically what she desires to…

-by Audre Lorde

At first glance, the “Recreation” poem by Audre Lorde appears to have a short and simplistic theme. The word “Recreation” itself has an explicit and sincere purpose. After reading the poem I started to connect to it at a more mysterious level. The particular reason for this circumstance is that I believe the author demonstrating a central image referring to ‘Mother Earth’. From my perspective, the poem is applying a bond among a mother giving birth to an infant. Today, I will be sharing with you a short commentary on the poem. …

Belle Vue: my friend house

This beautiful home is my friend’s house, I called it Belle Vue. Belle Vue is a French word that actively demonstrates a Beautiful life. When I go to her home, I feel like I am in paradise. The particular reason for this circumstance is a house with a lot of space is one of my dream homes. Let’s take a look at the interior spaces. …

Natacha Simon

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